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Annual report(Englis)

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The Vincentine Cherity Service has been helping the poor for 25 years in Hungary
Our permanent tasks:
- We collect clothes, shoes, household gadgets and machines from the inhabitants and we hand them out to the poor.
 We transmit furniture donations, sometimes we pay for delivery.
- In Miskolc we wait for the incomers two times a week, when we hand out the donations and offer them tea, bread and  
 butter, talk to them, help them understand the official letters, and write official letters, solve their problems. They mainly
 need lasting food, medicine, transport tickets and washing detergents.It often happens that they are unable to pay
 for the medicine of the sick children.
- They can have a shower (not only the homeless, but also those who live in flats without bathrooms)
- We occasionaly cook warm meal for the incomers.
- The Vincentine brothers and sisters regularly visit the ill, lonely old people in their homes, in hospital. They not only
 talk to them, but do their shopping, take out their medicine, arrange their things.
- The visitors to hospital send a priest to those who want to get the sacraments.
- We have a meeting every month when we pray and talk about the results and tasks.
- Before every Christmas we organise food collection in the churches and toy collection in the schools. As we ask
 people”s help personally, we usually get as much food that we can prepare 300-400 packages to hand out. The children
 can have books and toys as well.
- Before Christmas and Easter Father Vince keeps a lecture for the incomers, then we treat them with warm meal.
- The groups in the country answer the local needs. They also collect clothes, household goods, furniture and give them
 out to the poor. They visit the ill people, organise fairs and serve in the church.
- Every year we take part in the Vincentine camp in Piliscsaba, where we get refreshed and strengthened spiritually and
Main projects
- To support handycapped children. It is also a permanent task.The charity concert „Children for Children” has served
 the improvement of the quality of life of the disabled children for two decades.
 The charity service bought the instrument to foster music therapy. In the first part of the concert the disabled children
 present their knowledge then in the second part the students of the music school play the program.The income of the
 concert goes to the disabled children in hospital. Besides, last year we could support them with a greater sum thanks
 to the donation of the Scottish Vincentine brothers and sisters.
- On Children Day we entertain them in our house and give them presents, as well. In return, the children give a short
 program. This is a nice day in our life.
- We help the learning of children in underpriviliged families.Our Vincentine sister, who is a speech therapist helps
 the children who need her assistance.
- We keep arts and crafts workshops for children before Christmas and Easter. These are always very successful. Our
 skilful sisters prepare ornaments and postcards, sell them and the income also goes to the poor.
- Santa Claus train. A tale city is built in Lillafüred among the hills where a well-decorated train carries the children.
 It is a great experience but the poor cannot pay for it. The charity service gets 10 free tickets every year, so 10 little
 children can experience the wonder.
- In summer we have organised a one-week camp for children in underpriviliged families for 3 years. The Vincentine
 sisters cook for the children, keep interesting programs, games. It is very successful.
- Free counselling helps to arrange official matters, write letters, petitions.
- We celebrated the 400th aniversary with a very nice, literary and musical program. Lots of people could know the
 work and life St. Vince.
- Homeless attendance. We ensure the facilities for washing and cleaning for the homeless and for those who live in
 flats without running water. We ensure everything even clean clothes to change. In a tender we could buy two washing
 machines, so we wash their clothes at a symbolic price.  We occasianally cook warm meal and give out lasting food.
 We organise their medical care and help to replace their lost documents. In case of illness  we visit them in hospital.
- With the support of the Scottish Vincentine brothers and sisters we organise lectures on economical household keeping,
 keeping clean the environment, babycare, cleaning, cooking, stb.for the underpriviliged families.
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